The Car Pro Promise

When you go through Car Pro, it is worth a little longer drive because you are assured that you will be dealt with honestly and that you will save a lot of money on your car. Since a car is typically the second largest purchase you will make, Car Pro promises that it will also be one of your most rewarding and positive experiences.

At Car Pro, we decide who our recommended dealers are based on the following list of business practices:

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: Jerry the Car Pro must have a personal relationship with the dealer and/or Senior Management to insure that the Car Pro listener will be treated as if Car Pro personally owns the dealership.

COMMITMENT TO THE CAR PRO PROMISE: Each Car Pro Certified dealer is committed to delivering on the Car Pro Promise of you having an outstanding car buying experience and special Car Pro Pricing as determined by current market conditions.

INTEGRITY IN ADVERTISING: Car Pro dealers will not participate in deceptive or misleading advertising in any form.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Car Pro dealers value the on-going customer reviews and feedback that they receive from the Car Pro Community through Facebook feeds, direct emails, twitter, and on Additionally, a Car Pro certified dealer has a 10 day maximum reconciliation period to resolve an unsatisfied member of the Car Pro listening audience and to deliver on the Car Pro Promise of an outstanding experience.

TRAINING: Car Pro dealers practice on-going training to assure that the Car Pro best practices are being trained within all areas of the dealership.

TOP RANKINGS IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX (CSI): Each Car Pro dealer consistently achieves the top 10% in customer satisfaction ratings by the factory for their particular make. Factory reports will be reviewed by Jerry The Car Pro on a quarterly basis.

It's easy to see why a lot of car buyers now turn to The Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds, for unbiased information about the cars they want to buy and the process they are about to go through.

Jerry recommends only one dealer per brand in a metro area. To be one of Jerry's recommended and preferred dealerships, we are required to maintain a strict and rigid set of customer service standards. Jerry is one of the very few hosts that will give a dealership the boot if they fail to meet his high standards for his listeners.

At Red McCombs Superior Hyundai in San Antonio, TX, we've taken on that commitment, and it shows in the services we provide Jerry's listeners and in the reviews that they post. Car Pro customers deal directly with me, the general sales manager. The process is thorough, personal and professional. Jerry's got my personal cell phone number and it's available to all of his listeners. Come see why Jerry's listeners prefer Red McCombs Superior Hyundai in San Antonio, Texas!